Grandma & Grandpa Mercurio
"First, send one of the grandchildren or Grandpa to Bravo's meat-market up the street.  They are to get one soup chicken.  Mr. Bravo would nod, and disappear to the back of the store.  Shortly, thereafter, you could hear squawking, loud squawking!  Uh, yup, you've got the picture.  Well, she said a fresh chicken!  Then, suddenly, Mr. Bravo was back with "the package."  Now, you know what was wrapped in that brown butcher paper, tied up with a string, don't you?  It sure wasn't "one of my favorite things" to borrow a line from "The Sound of Music",  especially when we could see the feet sticking out. 

After trudging back to  Grandma's, she would take the chicken and soak it in salt water.  Then, she proceeded to pluck the remaining feathers.  It's here that the stubborn ones got special treatment--the lit match.  This produced an odor you never want to experience!  It's also the point where all the kids scattered.

Into a large pot of salted water it went, every bit of it, from beak to feet.  Simmering for at least 2 hours until the meat fell from the bone.
Then, the meat was removed and left to cool, as was the broth.
After cooling, the fat is skimmed off the top.  Now, the cut carrots, diced celery, chopped onion were added---as much as she wanted.  Don't ask for amounts, I don't think she even owned a measuring cup!  Season with additional salt and pepper and perhaps some parsley.
Remove the chicken from the bones and add to the soup once the vegetables are cooked.  Just before serving, cook some pasta (Acine de Pepe or D'italini) and add to the bowls being served.  Don't forget the delicious Italian grated cheese--Romano, Parmesan or a mix.  Hmmmm, Hmmmm---delicious!"