Friday, July 18, 2014

Chocolate Cloud

A Dream of a Dessert!

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You won't believe how easy this impressive dessert is to make, and how many "oohs" and "ahhhs" you'll hear when you bring it to the table. don't even have to tell them that it's the simplest dessert EVER!  Oh, and did I mention my son-in-law, Mike, requests this for his birthday every year, instead of a cake.  He has good taste!

This is made for a Punch Bowl.  But, if you don't have a punch bowl, a large clear glass bowl or Trifle Dish (pictured)would work too. The clear bowl or Trifle dish are smaller, though.   Of course, that means there's extra goodies to munch on before the big reveal.  Don't you love the way I think of the positive side?  Ha! 
The whole recipe will serve 35 people...great for a party!

I know...another chocolate dessert!  I warned you from the get-go, I'm a full-fledged Chocoholic!  I just can't help myself. 

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1 box of Chocolate Cake Mix (bake according to directions)
4 boxes of Instant Jello Chocolate Mousse
1 pkg. Skor candy bars (crushed in a plastic bag)
2 (16 oz.) containers of Cool Whip

Bake cake as directed, let cool.  

Tear cake into pieces and layer the crumbled cake, chocolate mousse, crushed Skor bars, and Cool Whip into a punch bowl in that order.  Repeat layers once more, saving some of the crushed candy to garnish the top.

Did I lie?  Easiest dessert ever!

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