Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turkey, Spinach & Feta Burgers

So tasty!

I always felt Turkey burgers had somewhat of an identity crisis...I mean they're shaped like a burger, served on a bun, but...hmmm. 

This is one of the recipes my granddaughter found while searching for some healthier alternatives to a beef burger.  I switched it up a little to satisfy my hubby's taste-buds and he loved these.   They've actually become one of my favorite burgers too.  Of course, I love feta cheese, so maybe that has something to do with it.  Haha!


1 lb. ground turkey
1-2 cups baby spinach, chopped
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 Tbsp. butter
1 cup red onion, diced (I used vidalia onion)
2 cloves garlic, minced
3.5 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
Black pepper, to taste
Salt, to taste

Sautee onion and garlic in olive oil and butter until translucent; set aside to cool.

  1. Chop the spinach into one-inch pieces. (I used between 1-1 1/2 cups of it chopped, but you might like more.)
  2. Place ground turkey, feta cheese and chopped spinach in a bowl; add cooled onion & garlic; mix until all ingredients are evenly distributed.  
  3. Divide the meat into quarters and form into ½-inch-thick patties.
  4. Cook the patties over medium-high heat in a frying pan, with a little olive oil.  Flip the patties every 2 to 3 minutes.  You will know they are done when the juices run clear and the meat is light brown all through the center. Use a knife to cut into the centers to make sure the meat is cooked.
  5. Serve on buns.  Makes 4 delicious burgers!  
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." - Matthew 7:7-8

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