Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Cream

Got snow? Got Milk?  Then you've got Snow Cream!

When we first moved to North Carolina, I didn't expect to ever see snow again.  Growing up in Upstate New York, our winters were cold and snowy...and I loved it, every kid up there did!  There were tons of hills to sled down, lakes and ponds to ice skate on, snowmen to build and mountains of snow to shovel.  It was great!

So, I was really surprised to see snow the second winter we were here!  And even more surprised when two of my neighbors children came over and asked if I had a recipe for snow cream.  "What's that?" was my reply, and that's when one of the most fun things to do with snow came into my life...MAKE FOOD OUT OF IT!  Ha!

Here's the recipe I found when we all made it. it's on the Paula Deen website.   I do hope, if you've never tried it, you will have some fun with your kids or grands and make some delicious Snow Cream!


8 cups clean snow (don't use it if it's yellow!  LOL!)
1 (14oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract


Place snow into a large bowl.  Pour condensed milk over it and add vanilla.  Mix to combine and serve immediately in bowls.

*You can also add sprinkles, chocolate chips, honey, and different flavors...what fun!

Well, that's it!  Now just go have some fun with the kids!

"A grateful heart protects you from negative thinking. Thankfulness enables you to see the abundance I shower upon you daily."   -Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

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