Friday, October 10, 2014

Ham & Cheese Rolls

A great snack, ready in 25 minutes!

My son could never eat anything with sugar, or even the taste of fruit, juice, tomato sauce (that's a killer for an Italian Mama)...he just couldn't bear the taste  When he was a baby, we couldn't wait until he could talk and tell us why he didn't like it.  He would taste sweets, like his birthday cake, and just start gagging.  Now, if that isn't a blow to this girl's ego, I don't know what is!

When Halloween came around each year, even our neighbors stocked him up with Slim Jims, chips Doritos and such!  They all knew David couldn't eat candy, yet wanted to include him in the fun.

Finally, the day came when we asked him what it tasted like.  You'll love his one word answer, "Yucky!"   Yup, that's all we ever got out of him.  He just could never explain why, and to this day, he doesn't eat anything with even a hint of sweet in it.
So, this is how I started coming up with snacks for him, besides chips, pretzels, popcorn and the usual.  

I always felt badly that I could please my girls with dessert, but nothing homemade for David.  This recipe is one of the few that I started making just for him, but it turned out that everyone else loved it so much, I've had to double it every time!

Hope your family enjoys this, whether they like sugar or not!  

Oh, by the way...he has perfect teeth!  Haha!

My son and his beautiful wife, Linda

1  (80z.) can refrigerated Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
8 thin slices of cooked ham (I like the imported)*
8 thin slices of sharp cheddar cheese (I like to use shredded)*
Mustard (any type that you like)

Heat oven to 375'F.

Divide dough into 4 squares, pressing seams together to prevent leakage.

Spread with mustard (as if you were spreading on bread for a sandwich).  Now layer half the ham and cheese.

Roll like a jelly Rolland press dough to cl0se seam and openings at both ends.

Repeat with second half of dough and fillings.

Place on baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.

Cool for 3-5 minutes before slicing into pinwheels about 1" thickness.

*The beauty of this recipe is that you can substitute the ham for other cold cuts, and the cheese for your favorite.  Have fun with the fillings and enjoy.

"The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need."  -Psalm 23:1

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